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I have sometimes given up on finding a suitable trainer as it can take alot of time

Jesse Parker

Finding trainers that are best suited for you can be a chore, especially when starting a new sport or activity. It becomes harder when you’re new to the country, with existing language barriers and a lack of local knowledge. Not only are you forced to go out of your way to search for classes through an array of websites, but many may not even fit your requirements. You’re forced to go through a long and tedious process of trial and error to find the right trainer for you, one who may not even take interest in training you.

There’s little to no way to overcome this obstacle in the training scene. There’s large companies with an array of trainers, but maybe their pricing doesn’t fit you, or their location is too far out. While small first time trainers don’t provide you with the security in payment and booking that you’re searching for in a new country. The very best trainers are ones that want to be the ones that train you. Thats why offers a new way to find trainers, through our matchmaking page.

Our matchmaking page provides an area to create an enquiry in which you specify your needs, details, location, pricing. A list of details that would make the lesson ideal for you. With this our registered and verified trainers are able to see your enquiry and reach out to your request. Before accepting any of their requests you are greeted with a list of their qualifications,expectations and recommendations from previous clients, and pricing arrangements which allows you to pick the right trainer for you.

Matching is just the start we take care of the bookings,payments,reviews and verification manage by Stripe.

Creating an enquiry is completely free as well, while having a range of offers from trainers means that you can find a price that matches you best. Whether you’re in a new country or trying to improve on your current situation, probuddy.ios matchmaking will ensure that you are connected with passionate trainers who want to be coaching you.

Published by Artyom Martynyuk

Singapore-based Basketball fanatic and national-level tennis player. I enjoy looking at the sports and health industry from a daily participant and commercial point of view.

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